CONGRATULATION on getting started!

If you're here today reading this we are proud you have decided to take the first step towards finding your true self, and we are sure you are all set to meditate. Get ready to embark on a journey of peace and happiness through the most skillful art known as Meditation. It often feels like people are running out of time, it often feels like there are just not enough hours in a day. People barely take a moment to stand and breathe, appreciate the nature or even walk with awareness for that matter. The absence of space for self-care and exploring new things adds up to more and more stress. So if you're looking for a solution, YOU'RE AT THE RIGHT PLACE AT THE RIGHT TIME.


When we meditate we inject some long lasting benefits into our lives: it helps us reduce our stress levels, we get to know our pain, it helps us to get connected to our inner self, it helps us to be kinder to ourselves and to love ourselves a little more.

This small guide will help you understand meditation from A to Z

What is Meditation?

When one thinks of meditation the first image that pops up is a yogi sitting with closed eyes high in the Himalayas or something that is too complicated for a normal being. Keeping our imaginations aside, it’s very important for one to understand what meditation exactly is and what it isn't.

So...What exactly is meditation? Meditation simply means relaxing your mind and thoughts. It is not about becoming or turning into a new person, it is about becoming aware of your own true self. It does not mean turning off your thoughts and feelings, it simply means becoming aware of them and having a better understanding of them. There are various methods through which you can practice meditation: walking meditation, mindful meditation and moment meditation. No matter what type of meditation you choose to practice, it will help you land to one result that is RELAXATION

Being able to pay attention to our breathe as it goes in and comes out, noticing when our mind wanders and getting our attention back on track is what is called as mindful meditation. The idea behind mindfulness is very easy - it requires a lot of patience, time and practice.

Wondering why you should meditate?

The benefits of meditation are definitely staggering. I wouldn't say that meditation is a cure for all your problems but it surely helps you with needed space in our lives. Sometimes a little space is all that you need to make better life decisions and communicate deeply with yourself, and if nothing else meditation will definitely help you imbibe kindness, patience, peace for yourself.

Here are a few benefits meditation gets with itself:

• Physical benefits of meditation

Helps in improving circulation

Enhanced quality of sleep

Helps in decreasing cellular inflammations

Improves immune functioning

Helps in balancing blood pressure

Maintaining heart rate

• Mental benefits of meditation

Increases focus and helps in getting clarity of mind

Helps in decreasing stress level

Brings a sense of calm and peace in life

improves memory

Helps in dealing with anxiety

How to meditate?

Meditation is a way more simpler than most people think. Here is a step by step procedure of how you can get ready to meditate. So go ahead read it and give it a shot

1. Take a seat

Find a comfortable and silent place to sit

2. Set your time limit

If you’re a beginner, set a short timer for a span of 5-10 minutes so that you don’t get distracted.

3. Notice your body

You can either sit on a chair with your feet on the floor, or sit down on a mat with crossed leg. Just be in a position that you can retain for a while.

4. Pay attention on your breathe

Concentrate on your breathe as it goes in and comes out.

5. Notice when your mind has wandered

Inevitably, your attention will leave the breath and wander to other places. When you realize and start noticing that your mind has wandered—in a few seconds, a minute, five minutes—simply get back your attention back.

6. Be kind to your wandering mind

Don’t judge yourself or obsess over the thoughts that keep coming in your mind while you meditate. Just come back.

7. Gently open your eyes

Rub your palms, put them over your eyes and gently open your eyes and become conscious of your surroundings.

That’s it, that’s the practice. You concentrate, wander and get your attention back and retain this for as long as you can.

As you’ve come along on this journey towards knowing your true self, we are sure a few questions would have raised. We are here to answer few of the commonly asked doubts to help you have a seamless experience.

What are the best positions for practicing meditation?

Meditation should generally be practiced with an upright spine, and you should be seated in a comfortable position.

How long should one meditate for?

This mainly depends on where you’re in your journey, if you’re just a beginner even sparing five minutes a day is good enough time. But most people start seeing results and noticing a difference when they commit 20 minutes in the long term.

What’s the best time of day to meditate?

Whatever works? Consider your circumstances: children, pets, work. Experiment. But watch out.

The sleep and meditation connection

Sleep meditation is a word that is most frequently used today but the fact is there is sleep, there is meditation. But there is nothing such as sleep meditation. Sleep is primarily an unconscious state of mind, while meditation is a conscious state. They are something that cannot be experienced at the same time. Though they both cause a relaxation response in the body, they produce different types of brain waves that aren’t similar. Yet, there is a symbiotic connection. If you get a good night's rest, you probably won't fall asleep the next day while meditating. After experiencing a deep meditative state, many people have experienced better sleep quality later that night and that is true. You need both sleep and meditation for a healthy mind and body, just that it shouldn’t be at the same time.

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