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What are Google Shopping Ads?

Google Shopping ads

A QUICK and USEFUL guide for Google Shopping Ads


One of the most effective ways for any brand to drive sales and create a revenue catalog online is to design Google Ads, also known as Product List Ads.

With a marketplace built right into the Google Search page, the Google Shopping Ad is a swift way for retailers to promote their online and local inventory, drive traffic to the website or local store and get better leads.

Despite being one of the best Advertisement Channels to drive the audience to the website, Google Shopping Ad is one of the most overlooked platforms by marketers. And this comes as an opportunity for retailers, small brands, etc

Let’s have a look at how Google Shopping Ads can maximize a brand’s potential online, if local stores and brands can drive sales with Ads displayed on Google Search Engine, and if Google Ads work better than Social Media Ads.

Let’s begin


Why should you choose Google Ads?


The last time we checked, Google was still dominating the Search Engine arena.

If you type any product name, like the ‘running shoes’ in the previous example, it pulls up a lot of websites, along with Google Sponsored Ads. Bingo!

By clicking on the shopping tab, you can access a variety of running shoes from different retailers. Google allows you to filter through the results by price points, size, brand, and more.

Here are a few reasons why you should choose Google Ads:

  • The user-friendly platform makes the customer experience easy and therefore holds more potential to drive customers to the website
  • Google Shopping adds a visual touch to the product listings, creating a better impact.
  • Your listed products are likely to appear multiple times i.e. Text-only PPC result, shopping result, website result, etc.
  • Shopping Ads have a higher conversion rate across platforms i.e. 30% more than the text ads.
  • Google’s algorithm working in its own favour – Now that’s a catch!

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